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Sunday Salon: March 4, 2012

What's going on in my personal life:
At my daughter's school they are getting ready to start rehearsals on the 6th grade play so they've been doing auditions and callbacks all week. They are making it quite the big deal. They are doing the Wizard of Oz and my daughter wants to be the scarecrow. Unfortunately, I don't think that's going to happen, but she'll find out Monday.

This weekend and next my daughter is dancing in her company's big dance show, Configuration. She is doing six dances, one of which she choreographed (and had to audition to have included), so that's exciting.

What's going on in my library at work:
We've had a bit of a rough week at school with lay off notices given on on Wednesday. This year the district Librarians are not on the chopping block so I am relieved about that, but feel awful for the 9 tenured teachers at my school who don't have a job as of June.

To top it all off I've spent the week trying to get a student that I am close to to a doctor (easier said than done given her family situation, money, etc) because she has unexplained bruises, which made me nervous. She finally got test results on Friday: Leukemia. I am heartbroken and cannot even imagine what she and her family are going through this weekend.

Friday was Dr. Seuss' Birthday so, of course, we had an event in the library. A colleague comes in each year at my request and reads Green Eggs and Ham aloud. He is really very good and gets the audience involved with making noises and shouting "everywhere" each time it appears in the story. Very fun.

What's going on with my reading:
I just started Article 5 and managed to leave it at work over the weekend so instead I've begun The Earthquake Machine, which I am enjoying.

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