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How do you organize your reading?

I am a list maker. I have to do lists, shopping lists, work lists, personal lists, and more. I think it's fair to say it's a bit of an obsession. My theory is that if it's written down, I don't have to remember it. And, that works well for me.

That said, when I started blogging I wasn't exactly sure how to keep track of what I wanted to read and what I had read. Over the last year I've come up with a system that mostly works for me. This morning I read Miss Remmers' organizational method and thought I'd talk about it here as well.

How I keep organized
I have three files going to keep me organized

  1. A word processing file with my challenges and potential books at the top and a table below listing the books I plan to read (week of; title; author; challenge). This list gets deleted each December 31.
  2. A spreadsheet listing author, title, genre, rating, and year I read the book as a reminder of all the books I've read.
  3. Goodreads--I just rate each book and have a TBR. I don't post reviews. I also have a TBR list on my blog, but I haven't been good at keeping up with that so maybe I'll delete it

I know, why two lists? I don't have a good answer for that. How do you organize your books?

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