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Sunday Salon: February 5, 2012

Family and Life:
It feels like life is flying by so quickly these days! How is it already February? I got to go book shopping last night for my library and for myself. The best part is that I had gift certificates to use up. Here's what I got for me (3 of them are for the American Library Awards Challenge):

Lots of teaching, tons of tech stuff and the most exciting thing: the installation of a 60" flat screen TV in my library. Now I can do Library Orientations and presentations via my iPad wirelessly! The library gets used for a lot of meetings as well so now they can all present this way too.

Books and Reading:
I have been reading a lot of "must reads" that I agreed to such as author and publisher requests and books that will count toward my challenges. In the first half of the year I really gear my reading to the challenges that I signed up for and then in the second half I am more of a "what am I really in the mood for today" kind of reader.

I did sign up to be a giver in the World Book Night and hope to hear that I was chosen. Deadline to be a giver is tomorrow, February 6.

If you want to see some fantastic photographs of the world's most beautiful bookstores, follow this link. Here is an example of one of the stores, Popular Kids' Republic in Beijing, China

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