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Sunday Salon: January 15, 2012

Family and Life:
It's been quite the week with my daughter in rehearsals for this weekend's production of Hairspray. While she is only it in as a dancer (they asked for dancers to be in it to beef up the dance scenes), she has had a pretty good time.

One of my best friends from high school is planning on returning to Santa Barbara with her family so we did a little house-hunting this weekend, which was really fun! I am so looking forward to having her back in town and the best part is I also like her husband and kids!

A pretty busy week with more Google Docs teaching and getting ready for the end of term (i.e., textbook collection and distribution prep).

Books and Reading:
I would have read more this weekend, but I got obsessed with watching the first season of Downton Abbey, which I think is fantastic! Now I just need to watch the first couple of episodes of the new season to get all caught up.

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