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Sunday Salon: November 27, 2011

Family and Life:
Ah, the five-day vacation is ending, but it was awfully nice. We did some eating (mashed potatoes and veggies for me), some shopping (yes, I got a ton of Christmas shopping and wrapping done since we're mailing presents to family), and we spent a couple days up in Cambria, CA.

Cambria has been really fun and relaxing so far. We stopped at Avila Beach for lunch and walking around then made our way up to Cambira. We even got to take our dog with us since the hotel has some dog-friendly rooms! First order of business was wandering main street and window shopping then a walk along the beach as the sun set. Spectacular! This morning I took the dog out for a morning walk and it was great, crisp, cool and I heard seals (sea lions?) barking on the beach below so I think we'll investigate that after breakfast.

Not much to report since I only worked two days this week. But our transition to internet-only computers is going pretty well with only minor blips along the way so far.

Books and Reading:
I haven't done nearly enough reading this week. I did finish one book and I had great intentions of reading another one, but when there's a vacation, it means my only-child daughter wants much more of my attention! However, I am a woman with a mission so hope that I'll finish the book by the end of today.

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