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Sunday Salon: November 20, 2011

Family and Life:
My daughter and I are in Vegas this weekend attending the PULSE Dance Convention. Basically that's hundreds of dancers from all over the place taking dance classes from professional choreographers. Pretty cool stuff. They also pick out dancers who are stand-outs for recognition and prizes such as free dance classes in New York, etc.

Well, the big technology change in my library finally took place this week and there was a lot less kerfuffle than I expected! All our computers are now internet kiosks (internet only) and they don't print. That was the scary part. Our district is really trying to go toward using Google Docs and not printing much and it turns out my library is the guinea pig. We kept one computer with the ability to print so that there isn't total panic.

Books and Reading:
It is taking me all week to read this non-fiction book that I am reading, not because it isn't interesting, but because I just haven't had much time to read.

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