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Read-a-Thon Introduction Post (a little late)

I am getting a late start to the Read-a-Thon this year. When I woke up at 5:00am (my start time) it was just too painful since that's when I need to wake up for work during the week. I slept another hour, showered, walked the dog and ate breakfast, spent a little time with my daughter and now it's 7:30am.

  • Where am I reading from today? Santa Barbara, CA
  • Three random facts about me... I am a first generation American; I am a high school Teacher Librarian; I love chocolate
  • How many books do I have in my TBR pile for the next 24 hours? 7, but I know I'll never get through them!
  • Do I have any goals for the read-a-thon? I have a super busy today so I hope to read three of my books (they are all really skinny!)
  • What is my advice for people doing this the first time? Don't berate yourself if life gets in the way of reading. Read when you can and enjoy visiting other people's blogs


Sarah @WordHits said...

Woot, woot!! Good Luck in the Readathon! Bravo!!!

Sarah @WordHits said...

Good Luck!!! Bravo for doing the Readathon!,
ps your comments interface isn't v user-friendly. 2x the captcha box was empty. Then it made me re-enter all my stuff. Hope this try goes thru!

Happy Reading!!