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Read-a-Thon Confessions

True Confessions about this weekend's Dewey 24-Hour Read-a-Thon...
  • Once again I have signed up to participate and, one again, my Saturday is filling up with "life" so I will be frustrated that I am not reading as much as I'd like
  • In an attempt to combat my lack-of-reading frustration I just perused the shelves of my library (remember, I am high school Teacher Librarian) and looked for skinny books to take home. Yes, skinny books, which will, in theory, read faster, making me feel like I accomplished something
  • I know that skinny books don't always read faster
  • I actually put books back on the shelf that were skinny, but had really bad covers. If I do this, guaranteed so do our students
  • I am bringing home way more books than I will actually read, but I figure I may need to abandon some if they aren't as good as I hoped
Here's what I am bringing home. Have you read any of these skinny books?

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