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On Steve Jobs (and Mac)

It's strange when a famous person dies that I don't know, but I am saddened and affected at their passing. For me, it was that way when I heard yesterday that Steve Jobs had died. What is it about him that affected me more than others?

  • My first computer in 1986 was a Mac IIe. I finished college with it and used it to earn my Masters Degree
  • My updated Macs throughout the years that have seen me through earning my teaching credentials and National Board certification

  • The present of a small iPod in 2004 that I really didn't think I needed because, really, when would I use it
  • My current laptop, a MacBookPro, that I purchased in 2009. How ironic that my dad, a scientist and die-hard PC guy, just got a MacAir 2 days ago
  • My iPad that I got earlier this year. Boy do I use it for a lot of stuff (yes, reading books on trips. I sold my Kindle)

  • My most recent Apple acquisition? An iPhone this summer. I had no idea how much I could like a phone
How about you? Are you an Apple geek? What's your favorite Apple product?

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