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Sunday Salon: August 7, 2011

Family and Life:
My brother and his family are in town for a couple weeks, which is always great! My daughter loves playing with her cousins whom she only gets to see a couple times a year since they live in London. Last night my brother and I went to a local bar (something I never do anymore) to hear the TAN play. The TAN was the high school band back in the '80s, they played at the under-age club in town and at high school dances. Of course, they are now all in their 50s, but the music is the same and it was really fun to dance for a couple hours. Once a year this bar hosts an "Uber 80s" night for local high school graduates from the '80s so we usually run into a bunch of people we know.
Yes, that's the set list and my feet in the silver shoes. We felt like such groupies, but the place was packed and our spot was REALLY up front and dancing.

2 more weeks of vacation....

Books and Reading:
I've gotten a lot of reading done over the past week, which feels good. The YA books are passing quickly through my fingers as I gear up for school starting soon.

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