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Sunday Salon: August 13, 2011

Family and Life:
We're still having a nice time with my brother's family; it's so great for my daughter to spend time with her cousins! Unfortunately for the grown ups, one of the kids' favorite past times is to put on "shows" for us (they sometimes last 10 to 15 minutes). The other night we went out for Mexican food and the restaurant had an off-key mariachi band roaming around. During song number 2 at our table one of my nieces says, "now I know how you feel during our shows!" We had had a great laugh at that one!
Jayne (now my colleague) and Linelle
I received sad news yesterday. Linelle, the woman who was my junior high school librarian and later on my colleague, passed away Thursday after a long battle with cancer. She was such a wonderful person and a fantastic librarian. She remembered all the students, loved to talk books, and was so very supportive of me when I decided to leave the classroom and get my Teacher Librarian credential. She loved books, people, all things Irish (she was a fiddler), and traveling. She will be missed.

Tonight my daughter gets to go to the Katy Perry concert with her aunt, uncle, and a cousin. Lucky thing!

1 more week of vacation.... This means I've actually been in to work for a few meetings and have a couple more this coming week as well.

Books and Reading:
I've read a bit less this week with the family visiting, but my daughter went to her dad's this weekend so I did manage to catch up a bit and finish a mystery that seemed to be taking me a while.

Still watching Ugly Betty, we're on season 4!

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