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Sunday Salon

Family and Life:
We had one week in between our two vacations. My daughter did dance camp (no big surprise there) and I played with Photoshop a bunch, going through all the photos I took at Stanford. I also got the idea of going through iPhoto and deleting all those fuzzy, too dark, too light, duplicate photos. I astonished myself by reducing my 11,000+ photos down to 4,500! It felt so good!

On Friday we flew up to Seattle where we stayed the night at my friend Bruce's house. He and I have been really good friends since 8th grade (that's 33 years in case you're keeping track) and I think his wife is terrific, too (I know we'll do a lot of laughing this week). They have three children all around my daughter's age so we're hoping our vacation together is a huge success.

Yesterday we all drove from their house on Bainbridge Island to Anacortes where we caught the ferry over to Orcas Island, our home for the week. A trip that should have taken about 3.5 hours ended up taking 9.5 door-to-door due to just-missed ferries along the way. We've rented a house through Vacation Rentals By Owner, which I highly recommend. We finally arrived at 9:30pm, pretty tired and frazzeled, but a family of deer were waiting to greet us so that was pretty special.... now if we can just see an Orca while we're here

Best news... confirmation that my job is 100% next year! Wahoooooo! What a relief

Books and Reading:
I am still cruising along with the Shantaram read-a-long and am two thirds of the way through it. I only brought my iPad with me on the vacation so will read whatever I've got on it this week.

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