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Sunday Salon:

Family and Life:
School is now over for both me and my daughter, who is now officially a 6th grader and at the top of her school (how the heck did that happen?!). In the spirit of new beginnings (that's summer) we've redone her room a bit to make it feel more "pre-teen" and less little girl. Luckily that mostly involved putting Tiger Beat posters on the walls, adding a bean bag chair (zebra pattern, nothing plain for my child) and having a friend build her a new bed frame so I am getting off with a pretty inexpensive re-do.

My daughter is performing in Beauty and the Beast this week so this past week was full of rehearsals! She was asked last minute to join the cast and dance as a wolf so is in only a couple scenes, but it's been a fun introduction to the theater for her.

I spent the week popping in to work for a couple hours at a time and attending professional development sessions. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent hanging out with the other teacher librarians in my district going over new lesson ideas, ways to integrate new technology, etc. Friday I attended an iPad session, which was mostly useful. I have had mine long enough and done a couple other sessions that I have most of the apps I want (of course I can always find more). I never really "leave" work as I am always on as the web master and there are always books to read and review.

Books and Reading:
We've begun the Shantaram read-a-long and so far I'm 200 pages in (2/10th done). So far so good!

I am coming up on quite a few tour books, which always feels exciting to me: The Case for the Only Chid; Before I Go to Sleep; and 32 Candles in July.


Alyce said...

The room re-decorating project sounds like fun! My son's in the top grade (5th) at his school next year too. So odd how fast these things happen.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Alyce--The room decorating was fun, it's amazing how little changes make a big difference

Athira said...

Your daughter looks so adorable!! I like this photo! My Shantaram reading took a slight setback, but I'm going to be reading a lot of it over the next few days, so I should be "caught up" by week end.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Aths--I wondered where you were on the Shantaram reading, but knew you'd get caught up!