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Sunday Salon: it's Summer!

Family and Life:
A fun week with only one little blip in it. I was driving one of my daughter's friends home on Monday and came to a T-junction. In order to turn left I had to pull out a bit due to huge foliage and a car came whizzing along, cutting the corner. To avoid being hit I backed up... into the person behind me (a 2010 Mercedes no less). UGH! I've never had an accident or fender bender. Luckily I was going all of 2 miles per hour and slammed on my brakes when they honked. My car has a dent, but they got just scratches. Now I am waiting to hear how much their repairs are going to cost me.

On a happier note, we spent time at the iMadonarri Chalk Festival at our local Mission. It happens every Memorial Weekend and artists from all over do wonderful chalk drawings, there's music and food. But, the part we like best is the kids' section where for $5 you get a square and can chalk-draw anything the kids want. We're guaranteed to run into friends when we go, to get really dirty from the chalk, and to drink lemonade after the kids are finished.

Friday night was the elementary school's "Sock Hop" (read: end of the year picnic), which is a blast for the kids and slightly boring for the adults. But I had a nice time chatting with people I don't get to see very often and watching the students run around, dance, and generally have a wonderful time being carefree and kid-like. The big drama this year was that in the 5th grade some kids went as "couples" to the picnic. It was all they could talk about for 3 weeks (who asked whom, who said yes, who said no, what does it actually mean to go together, etc). My daughter was pretty sick of it all by Friday afternoon and after the picnic I asked a few of them how it went for the students who "went together". Turns out it was nothing, they didn't even spend time together and it was really the asking and build-up that were the big deal. Ah, it's just the beginning....

I worked my butt off this past week checking in thousands of textbooks and getting them back on the shelves! We had a wonderful crew of PTSA moms who helped us on the busiest day and that was fantastic, we couldn't have done it without them.

Thursday was our last day with students and Friday was the (boring) last work day for staff where we have a breakfast, meeting, etc. I took comp time, didn't attend the meeting, and for the first time, went to my daughter's Awards Assembly. It was so great to see all the kids getting their awards! My daughter got her Presidential Fitness Award and a keyboarding award for surpassing the expected 5th grade level. Not a big deal, but kids love to be recognized for even small accomplishments.

Books and Reading:
We've begun the Shantaram read-a-long and so far I'm 100 pages in (1/10th done). The book is a much easier read than I expected and I am quite liking it so far.


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Ouch....a fender bender hurts, but at least no one was injured. Hope that is the worst thing that happens to you in 2011.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Diane--Luckily no one was hurt and a car is fixable. It's just so frustrating!

Athira said...

Hah, that couple thing really gave me a chuckle. A few more years and it's going to be such a big deal!

And the car thing - how sad! A Mercedes guy (no matter how old the car) will be too fussy about his car. Shoot! I hope it won't come to much.

Happy summer vacation!!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Aths--The couple things started right around when they all saw the "puberty" movie! What a crack up.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I'm glad no one was hurt in that fender-bender, but I know it's still frustrating. And congratulations to Sophia on her awards. I'm glad you took time off to attend her Awards Assembly.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Bonnie--I am so glad that I took the time to go to her Awards Assembly! Since I work full time I really haven't had an opportunity to be present at her school a whole lot