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Sunday Salon: strange week

Family and Life:
What an odd week...
  • When it rains our landline now doesn't work and we've had rain this week. Thursday night our phone dialed 911 at 1:00am... all by itself. We awoke to a sheriff's deputy ringing our doorbell to make sure we were alright.
  • The national tour of the Wizard of Oz that my daughter was going to perform in got cancelled (thus freeing up our long weekend)
  • I withdrew from doing my National Boards. HUGE decision for me. There was just too much going on and I knew that I wouldn't do a good job to get all the portfolios, student work, 20-page papers, etc done by the end of March. I feel relief at not having to deal with the stress and guilt for having quit. I am not a quitter.
On a positive note, my daughter and I went to a visiting Gem Faire Friday and Saturday with a couple friends of hers. We had so much fun checking out all the amazing beads, gems, and jewelry. I love the textures and colors! Some of it is SO expensive! We went for the bargain stuff then came home and make necklaces. Mine is on the right and is made from turquoise and silver.

We've had rain most of the weekend so we headed to the beach yesterday afternoon at low tide to let the dog run. That was really fun since the beach was virtually empty (except of course for two die-hard surfers!)

Bad news this week. Our School Board has listed the potential cuts to the budget and the Librarians (that's me) and our techs are on the list for 30% reductions. We don't know if that means cutting 2 of the 7 librarians and spreading the rest of us out or if we'd each be reduced to 70% in the library and 30% in the classroom. If they cut us and the techs the libraries will have to close for 30% of each day.

I really enjoy my job and hope that there are no reductions to the library positions. I know that California is in a terrible financial situation, but how deep can these cuts go to all these important programs?!

Books and Reading:
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(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

The fiscal shape many (about 40) of our states are in is very sad. I get so angry each night when we watch the news, but don't get me started on that!! Penalize our educational system, but give the rich more tax breaks, continue to let the oil companies, pay no taxes, and continue with yet another senseless war....something is big time wrong with that picture.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Diane--well said, and boy is it great to hear someone else who echos my sentiments!

Athira said...

I wish they stopped cutting library funds! Doesn't the government still not understand the importance of education or are they all for the study-if-you-want approach? Already teachers and librarians work hard to get students into the library, and now these cuts give the don't-care message!

On the other hand, 911 on its own?? You had me laughing out loud there!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Aths--I really want to fight for educational funding, but I know there are so many worthy issues (don't get me started on poverty, health care, etc). But, libraries and education hit so close to home it's difficult not to take it personally

Florinda said...

I still fail to understand how politicians can talk about how essential education is on on hand, and take money away from it on the other. I do understand that there are tough choices to be made, though...and there really are no good alternatives. Good luck - I hope the budget-cutting doesn't hit your job too deeply.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Florinda--education is such an easy target for everyone. We all think we know how to run a school and teach since we all attended school. It's an easy target and an easy issue to say you care about