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Sunday Salon

Family and Life:
I love the holidays. Actually, I love Christmas, the other holidays I don't really care about much. This past week has been really fun since my brother and his family are in town. My daughter has played and done sleepovers with her cousins, I've hung out with my brother and sister in law, we've gabbed, watched "shows" put on by the kids, and eaten a bunch. Yesterday my brother and I took all 4 girls down to Jump Sky High, a warehouse where the floors and walls are covered with trampolines... very fun!

New Year's Eve was nice and quiet. My mother's request was that we all watch the last sunset of 2010 together so we headed to the beach at the bottom of our street. Lots of clouds, not a lot of beautiful sky. But, there were tons of people, a bagpiper, dolphins, and a very fun photo session with the girls. I posted this for my Saturday Snapshot, but I like it so much I am including it here, too. Back to our house for dinner then the girls had a sleepover and I was asleep by 10:00pm. Ahhhhhh, perfect.

No work this week, but back to the usual routine tomorrow.

Books and Reading:
I feel a bit like I've done "what I've been reading" to death over the past week with my End of the 2010 Survey and my December wrap-up, but one book that hasn't been mentioned is a re-reading of Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper. I bought it for my daughter to read and we ended up reading it aloud to one another. She loved it and I did too even though I don't usually like re-reading books.

I saw a post by Rebecca of I'm Lost in Books called "Books Take Me Away Saturday" where she lists books based on a country or group of people. I really like that, but don't want to copy her. So to combine that idea with the Where Are You Reading Challenge (hosted by Sheila at Book Journey) I am going to try to remember to say a little about the location of the books I read in my posts since I find that I am reading a lot of books based outside the US.


Alyce said...

It sounds like you had a glorious holiday vacation! The trampoline place sounds really cool too.

Anonymous said...

I want to go to a trampoline warehouse!! And your night at the beach to watch the sunset sounds so amazing...*sigh* I love the ocean, too bad the closest one to me is four hours away! It could be worse though I guess. :)

Bonnie Jacobs said...

When you post about the settings of books you read, how about posting locations on my other blogs:

Book Around the World = http://bookaroundtheworld.blogspot.com/

Book Around the States = http://bookaroundthestates.blogspot.com/

Helen's Book Blog said...

Alyce--the trampoline place is really fun and the kids used up all sorts of energy. The only problem is that it is really cold inside so the parents are all bundled up. The kids, of course, were hot from jumping around

Danielle--I would have a difficult time not living near the ocean. It's not that I am a beach bunny by any means, but there is something about the open water, the waves, the smell... I just can't live inland.

Bonnie--I'll definitely post to your other blogs, that would be fun. I'll email you about how to do that