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Bloggiesta finish line

Whew, the finish line! I didn't work on my blog nearly as much as I had hoped, but here's my original list with notes on what I got done.
  1. Update tabs and labels. I had to do quite a bit more on this than I thought I would so it feels good that it's done. I deleted some labels and updated posts that were missing some
  2. Schedule my reading. I figured out what I am going to read through February, making sure that I don't over-schedule myself and that books will work for one or more of the challenges I am signed up for
  3. Post reviews. I posted my 2011 reviews to their appropriate challenge sites
  4. Add a "Connect with me" to my side bar. A big thank you to Amanda and Aths who taught me how to do this using code. I am pleased with the way it looks: cleaner to the eye and easier for my visitors
  5. Create a challenge progress bar. Thanks to Kate for the code on this one! As you'll see I've got photos for each challenge and everything. Now I just need to add a link back to each challenge
  6. Netgalley. Go through Netgalley and request books. I didn't quite get to this one, but I'll work in it this week
  7. Goodreads. Update Goodreads account. Time to be honest. I haven't done this in almost a year
  8. Copyright. I realize that I have a copyright statement at the end of each post and I think this will suffice, right?
  9. Apture. Decided against it
All in all I think I did really well. I am pleased with my rearranged/cleaned up side bar as well.


Athira said...

Yay! I'm so glad the Connect widget worked fine!! :) You did get a lot done - pretty successful Bloggiesta I would say!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Aths--I am most proud of the widgets you and Amanda helped me with and the Challenge progress bars. Yay!

Amanda said...

I need to do the netgalley and copyright thing...

Helen's Book Blog said...

Amanda--I made the copyright thing easy by just putting a statement at the bottom of each post

Carina (Reading Through Life) said...

Looks like you got lots done!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Carina--I did get lots done and I got 2 more things finished today (Monday)