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Sunday Salon: 2011 Challenges

Family and Life:
I spent yesterday at my daughter's dance studio watching the December show. What fun to see kids from 5 to 18 doing what they love: dancing. In the evening I did some Christmas shopping since my daughter went to her dad's for the night. There is something I love about shopping in the winter when it's dark and the twinkly lights are on! Our Borders is going out of business so I managed to buy a couple Christmas presents at 30% off, always a good thing!

It's funny, this year I can't seem to make a wish list for myself. This is driving my mother and daughter crazy. Actually, that's a bit of a lie since I have listed books. Big surprise, there, eh? There's just nothing in life I need or want that I don't have. What a nice place to be.

Life in the library is good these days. All the training for email and the new website are finished so I am actually back to doing my library job, which is great. We held a fundraiser at a local bookstore a couple weeks ago so I have $688 to spend and we got $500 from our PTSA...all very nice!

I have started work on my National Board, which feels really good. The first part is collaborating on a lesson with a history teacher friend for the next 3 weeks. So far it's going well.

Books and Reading:
Friday night I attended a dinner for Turn the Page Uganda, the non-profit I am starting (we'll be a corporation by Monday!). It really seems like it's going to be a reality soon, which is SO exciting! Of course, the big obstacle is finding someone in Uganda that we trust to take the money we raise and turn it into books for the schools we choose.

I've chosen the challenges that I am going to participate in for 2011. Now I just need to write the introductory/joining posts for each one. I signed up for 16 challenges in 2010 and am definitely controlling myself better for 2011. I've decided not to repeat any of the 2010 challenges that I did because I now naturally read books for those challenges (South Asian Author, GLBT, YA, Social Justice, etc). Here are the five I am joining:

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