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Book Beginnings

Book Beginnings has a new home and is now hosted by Katy at a Few More Pages.

I gotta' be honest: I am still reading The Lemon Tree, which I posted about in last Friday's Book Beginnings. I took a small break from it and read Jumpstart the World by Catherine Ryan Hyde (which I enjoyed). And I've also started another YA book so I am going to do the beginning of that book.

Every year on February 21, I phone her. And every time, I ask her the same question: "Why are we alive?" No matter how many times I ask, her answer is always the same: "Because there was a wind". My name is Wuditu. When I was 13, my father took our family from our Ethiopian village to another country, Sudan. From there we hoped to get to a place we called Yerusalem.

This is a fictionalized account of true events, following a family of Ethiopian Jews as they try to escape from Ethiopia to Sudan to Israel, experiencing slavery, humiliation, and despair along the way. I have barely begun the book, but so far it's really interesting. There is a note to the reader about the history before the actual story begins and I liked that; I am armed with information going in the character's life.


Rob said...

Thanks, Helen, for introducing me to Book Beginnings on Friday. I'm going to mention your book to my partner who is Jewish.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Rob--It's so nice to "see" you around the blog world again. I must confess I took a break from this book and read another one, but I am going to get back to this one.