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Sunday Salon

Congratulations to the Sunday Salon for winning Best Meme in Book Blogger Appreciation Week (even though I am not an official participant since they closed the membership at 500!)

My daughter made it into the dance company! So much fun! But, now she's sick (just the standard head-cold grunge that seems to be going around) so we're laying low this weekend. I really look forward to hitting our routine soon, which should happen by the end of this week.

I am learning SO much as I work on the new website that my school is changing over to. As the webmaster I've learned how to transfer data from our school's management system, how to create pages, accounts, and more. I really enjoy that kind of thing!

I have had the slowest reading week! I realize I am reading adult books during the work week when I don't have much time to read. I even skipped my book group (something that hardly ever happens) in order to keep my sanity at home.


Stephanie said...

I had a slow reading week too because of BBAW!

Athira said...

I barely did any reading! Yay to your daughter, I am so so happy!!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Stephanie--I wish I had the excuse of BBAW for a slowish week. I totally lagged and didn't do anything for BBAW. That makes me sad.

Aths--Quite a relief that she got in and now the dance classes begin at a crazy rate! But, it's all really fun.