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Sunday Salon: Anticipation!

This is quite the tense weekend around our house. My daughter is auditioning for the performance dance company at her dance studio. It is quite a production, which I think is really good. They have to fill in a multi-page application/questionnaire and then the process takes Friday afternoon/evening and all day Saturday. It involves interviews, learning dance routines, and performing multiple times for the 15 judges/dance teachers. We'll receive a phone call Sunday morning if she doesn't make it. If she does we go down to the studio to see which level she is put in. (please don't get a phone call, please don't get a phone call...)

I feel like it's great experience for future auditions and job interviews. Being poised, answering questions, feeling the pressure, etc. At 9 years old it a lot to do and she is really nervous, but also excited!

1:00 Update: My daughter made it!!!!

The email transfer is going to be finished on Sunday afternoon when I get to have a chat with a Google rep (he is in Australia so it'll be Monday morning for him). And I've begun work on transferring our old website information over to the new one. Next comes training my staff.

The Library is up and running. I've got awesome student assistants this year! Boy that makes a huge difference!

Books and Reading:
My reading has definitely slowed down now that I am back at work. I have decided to alternate adult lit and YA lit and see how that goes. I am also trying to read one book a month for my Middle East Reading Challenge since I have pretty much completed the other challenges that I signed up for. I really need to do posts for each challenge (you know, the "I've finished the challenge" post).


Amanda said...

I have yet to read anything for the MIddle East challenge, mostly because I was trying to read up books in my house, and now I'm reading RIP books.

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

Good luck to your daughter! I have been trying to alternate 1 adult book for every two YA books. I did a great job all summer but now find myself falling into all YA, all the time with the start of school. Oh, and then there are those teacher's books that are gathering dust as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen!
I haven't visited here in a while but I always enjoy these Sunday posts. That is quite a lot of pressure for a 9 year old! I do hope it goes well for her.
You're such a voracious reader, it's hard to imagine you slowing down! I don't know how you find the time to finish so many books!

Athira said...

My fingers are tightly crossed for your daughter! I hope she makes it! It is quite a great thing to do at 9! I hope you get a chance to post or email about whether she made it!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Amanda--no worries on the challenge! We've got lots of time left to go

Kathryn--I am definitely drawn to the YA books more and it would be so easy to just read all YA. They are fast and fun!

Campbele--Glad you came back! I was definitely a voracious reader in the summer when I was on vacation for 2 months, but I have much less time to read now that school is back in session

Aths--I'm going to update the post...she made it!

MissA said...

Oh hooray your daughter made it! Wow I'm not sure I could have handled all that pressure when I was 9. Your daughter sounds like a very talented and passionate child. Kudos to her :)

I won't be able to start reading for the Middle East challenge till October I don't think since I'm focuisng on Latino reads this month. or at least, that's the goal.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Miss Attitude--Now that we know she is in the real work begins! But, at least the worry is over. I am trying to read one Middle East book per month. We'll see how that goes...