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Days of Insight: a week's worth!

Day 25: Something you would do if no one stopped you or if you knew you wouldn't fail
Oh, this one is easy. I would take hip hop classes and sing loudly in public.

Day 26: Your definition of love
My definition of love? I would do anything for that person and no matter what they do I still love them

Day 27: Your definition of the meaning of life
This is too difficult. I can't answer this one

Day 28: A moment you remember being completely happy in and a description of why you believe you were. What is your definition of happiness?
This summer sitting in Trafalgar Square (in London) with my daughter. We didn't have anywhere we had to be, the sun was shining, it was just the two of us sitting by a fountain and we just talked about nothing that really mattered and things that mattered a whole lot.

Day 29: What you live for?
I live to make a difference and to help others. This sometimes gets me into trouble. For example, I am really tired this week from "doing it all" for people at work. But I must really like it deep down or I wouldn't do it.


Anonymous said...

I really like the comment about you and your daughter in London. Going on trips with my mom are some of the happiest moments I've had as well.

Athira said...

I like your happy moment. Moments like that are so unplanned and just happen.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Danielle--there is something about the mother-daughter relationship that is so amazing, isn't there? So contentious, so deep, so emotional, so...

Aths--I think you've hit it exactly, the moment was very unplanned and had no agenda. I really need to do a lot more of that in my life!