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July: 2 reasons to celebrate!

It's mid-July and I have two reasons to celebrate this month.

Next Tuesday (the 20th) is my Birthday. I'll be officially "middle-aged" (that's 45!). I certainly don't feel middle-aged so I guess that's a good thing. On my Birthday I'll post a give-away so be sure to check back here on Tuesday of next week.

The other celebration is that one of my book groups will be 19 this month. My friend Kelly and I have the same Birthday and have celebrated together in some way most years since 8th grade. In 1991 after our Birthday party we had a few friends stay longer than the others and we formed a book group. We have gone through many changes over the past 19 years: we are now all women, we've had marriages, divorces, and children. But, we still meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month (except June, July and August when most of us are on vacation) and we eat pizza and salad. We still rotate houses each month with the hostess offering a small pile of books for us to choose from. We also mostly read contemporary fiction. The current collection of 8 women is smart, interesting, fun, supportive, and wonderful! So, Happy 19th Anniversary to Book Group!


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday (a few days early)!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Thank you Stephanie!