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Challenges Update

It's July and it seems like a good time for an update on all the challenges that I signed up for so here goes...

Flashback Reading Challenge: 3 out of 3 (completed)

GLBT Challenge: 5 out of 4 (completed)

Global Challenge: 5 out of 6 (just need to find a good South America book)

Graphic Novel Challenge: 12 out of 10 (completed)

Middle East Reading Challenge: none so far (it starts August 1, 2010)

POC (Persons of Color) Reading Challenge: So far I've read 30 books

Read the Book, See the Movie Challenge: I've read the book

Rainbow Connection Challenge: 7 out of 7 (completed)

Social Justice Challenge: This one is month by month and I am doing okay so far (I only missed May)

South Asian Author Challenge: 3 out of 3 (completed)

Take Another Chance Challenge: 3 out of 3 (completed)

TBR (To Be Read) Challenge: 12 out of 12 (completed)

Typically British Reading Challenge: 2 out of 2 (completed)

Women Unbound: 16 out of 8 (completed)

Young Adult Reading Challenge: more than 27 out of 12 (completed)

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