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Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming to a close here on the south coast of California and the winds are kicking up! I had a nice day... but check out how it started!

By 10:00am I had showered, done the grocery shopping, fed and walked the dog, made breakfast for my parents (my mom made it for my daughter so it all evened out!), written a book review (Perfect Chemistry), picked up the house, and done half the laundry. Happy Mother's Day! :-)

The rest of the day seemed a bit better. My mom, daughter and I went clothes shopping with no real agenda and no time fram. I found a lovely white linen sundress so was very happy. Now I'm cooking the pasta for dinner (while I write the post, talk about multi-tasking).

The best part of the day was the gift my daughter gave me: a book/poem that she wrote for me. Not only was I touched by the ideas in the poem, but she has gotten really good! She is in 4th grade and her school has a poet-in-residence for 6 weeks who does wonders with the kids. Here's some of the lines from my poem...
You keep secrets like a bubble floating around, keeping quiet until finally reaching me and popping

You are sweet like a jar of honey, there is enough goodness for everyone


Suko said...

Helen, you'll cherish these wonderful poems.

Happy Mother's Day!

Unknown said...

So cute! It means so much more when they make things themselves. I hope you had a fantastic mothers day.

Athira said...

Those poem lines are cute!! She's really good at this!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Thanks everyone! I agree that the homemade are so much better than a store bought gift. Especially since I am not really into Mother's Day. I'd rather we connect and respect each other every day