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Friday Fun: Featured blog!

I must confess that I couldn't really come up with a Friday Fun that seemed all that fun this week and then I found out I am featured on Debbie's Book Bag! How totally cool is that?

Last weekend my daughter and I went to 2000 Degrees, a shop in Santa Barbara where one can decorate pottery then the store glazes and fires it for you. I am only semi-artistic, but we had a really fun time making some plates together. I picked them up today after work and they actually look pretty good!

I also had my weekly photography assignment from my daughter: shoes. I wasn't a very good student this week and only took a couple photos. So, my example this week is from my winter vacation when we met up with my brother's family in Vero Beach, Florida. One afternoon we all played croquet and I spent the time lying on my belly trying to take artsy photos. One of them happened to include shoes...

Next photo assignment: smiles (not faces, just the mouths)


Emma Michaels said...

I love those pottery shops. I just found one in my area and am hoping to get to go some time! Great post.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Emma, what I liked was that for an hour I concentrated on art and nothing else, which was fun!