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San Francisco Trip!

My daughter and I had SO much fun in San Francisco. We arrived around dinner time on Saturday night, had dinner at Sophia's favorite 1950s diner (Lori's), and checked out Union Square. Macy's windows looked so pretty with a lighted wreath in every one! And the giant Christmas tree was awesome. A big city done up for the holidays is beautiful!

Sunday we started out early (8am) in Old Navy (I found $5 shirts for me!) then we went ice skating at a temporary rink in Union Square. We aren't exactly experts, but whenever we have the opportunity to test out our ice skating we do. We didn't fall and managed to last about half an hour so that's pretty good for two southern California chicks! More checking out the shops and commenting on their decorations then after lunch we saw a photography exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. It was 1930s New York and post WWII photography from Japan and China and led to an emotional (on my part) discussion of the WWII and the Holocaust. Sophia is just now old enough to really start to understand history and how it all fits together so I find us having more and more fascinating conversations these days.

Oh, one of the coolest holiday things was the gingerbread village in our hotel. It was very impressive and they had a listing of the ingredients used by their chef to create it. I just couldn't resist listing some of it here:

  • 75 pounds of confectioner's sugar
  • 25 pounds of gingerbread dough
  • 30 pounds of white chocolate
  • 23 feet of gingerbread fences
  • Other ingredients: wafer cookies; gold and silver luster; chocolate truffles rice krispie treats; candied papya; jumbo marshmellows and more!
  • Toy train on a track running through the village

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