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An exciting invitation!

I am beginning to see the power of commenting on other blogs (yes, I was a bit slow to the concept). It makes sense: I comment on someone else's blog, they visit mine, and perhaps follow. It's a way to build readership, but also the ultimate in belonging to the virtual community.

I subscribe to blogs about books, technology, and education (mostly library stuff). So I commented on a blog which linked to Travelin' Local, a site that covers culture, restaurants, events, etc from Los Angeles to San Diego. The editor/publisher emailed me asking me if I would be interested in doing a book review section of their website! My initial reaction is to be overwhelmed since I already do so much. But, I instantly got excited to be part of something else that is different from what I already do.

I've had a couple emails back and forth and they are still trying to figure out what exactly they want to do. Perhaps book reviews, but the idea of me leading an online book discussion also came up. I think that sounds fun. We could read books by southern California authors and/or about southern California (fiction and non-fiction, I assume).

What do you think out there in blog land? Any advice? Have you done anything similar? I'd love some feedback!

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MissA said...

That's awesome, congrats! The best way to gain followers is definitely by visiting other blogs and commenting (it's how I found yours :) Another good way is giveaways, but those can be expensive.
I've never done anything like that but it sounds like a great opportunity.