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Read-a-Thon (Hours 16 and 17 mini-challenges) (original post 10/24/09)

I took a break for dinner, a little bit of a Shirley Temple movie ( Little Miss Broadway) and some time with my daughter. And, I'll fall asleep soon, I just know it! So, this will probably be my last post of the read-a-thon. But, I may post a follow-up in the morning to talk about the book I am reading now (Purple Heart by Patricia McCormick, which so far is really good).

Hour 16 mini-challenges:
Wisdom of Age (list a book with an "older" protagonist):  May Sarton's Education of Harriet Hatfield
Meryl invites you to 
make something (description of one of the characters in a book we've read today who made something): A character in One Good Punch made lamb stew.

Hour 17 mini-challenges:
Dance-a-thon (put on music and dance): I played  Dancing Queen from the Mama Mia soundtrack
Give Me Five (5 kids' books that I really like): Dandelion (Freeman); Where the Wild Things Are ( Sendak); Mr. Men/Little Miss books; Fancy Nancy (O'Connor);  Babar

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