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It's Monday! What are you reading?

This meme was started by J.Kaye at J.Kaye's Book Blog. She's awesome, so check it out!

Books I read last week:
I didn't do a ton of reading this past week as I was making my way through Murder in the Name of Honor by Rana Husseini. It's non-fiction and discusses 'honor killings' through stories of the victims and the politics/culture behind the events.

Books I am currently reading:
Later today I am going to begin Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford. One of my book groups (the one that began in 1991) meets this Thursday so I'll have a "required" book added to my list then.

Books that are waiting in the wings:
I have a whole bunch waiting in the wings, but nothing specific. Book group will give me one to add and this weekend I am attending the California School Library Association annual meeting and I am sure I will come home with books to read!

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