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Review: However Tall the Mountain (Awista Ayub) (original post 10/13/09)

However Tall the Mountain was very interesting; I liked it. It is non-fiction and follows 8 girls from Afghanistan as they learn to play soccer adn are brought into the national soccer arena in their country where girls had been forbidden to go outside alone. The book talks about the fun, the soccer, the obstacles they faced, what life was like under the Taliban, and what it is like now.

I'll confess that I did want a little more soccer in the beginning, but ended up being really interested in the descriptions of their lifestyles, houses, what it was like to battle brothers and the public who thought that girls shouldn't play soccer, etc. It was also amazing to read about a country where they all have cell phones yet large families all share 2 rooms. I believe developing countries often skip the land-line step and they all go straight to cells.
Genre: Non-Fiction/Sports/Middle East
Rating: 4 out of 5

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