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Review: The Ex Games (Jennifer Echols) (original post 10/20/09)

TitleThe Ex Games
Author: Jennifer Echols
Genre: Romance
Pages: 302
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Summary: Hayden and Nick dated for one month in 7th grade then broke up. She has liked him ever since. Has he felt the same? Now they are juniors in high school and they keep making out then arguing, making out then arguing. Their friends get involved just to complicate things. The story is set in Colorado with snowboarding playing a large role.

Review:  This book is so high school! It's fun, an easy read, and I see it appealing to a wide range of students. The story moves quickly with Hayden and Nick interacting with each other, their friends and their families in a very natural way. The dialog and Hayden's inner thoughts are spot on and don't seem stilted or contrived. They are witty without seeming too clever for high schoolers. Echols has really captured the crush experience well.

While I've categorized Ex Games as a romance, it isn't a gooey-girl romance so it will appeal to boys as well as girls.

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