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Book Review thoughts... (original post 10/16/09)

I have become obsessed with book blogs. There, I've said it out loud. There are so many good book bloggers out there and I have subscribed to a whole bunch of them and I check in with them multiple times a day through my Google Reader or Blogger account. They review books, do giveaways, author interviews, etc. Basically all books all the time (except for one that does TV thoughts one day a week, which I like). I have gotten some great ideas for books to buy for our library from these blogs! Now, if I just had an unlimited supply of money with which to purchase these books I would be in a totally happy place....

From reading these blogs I realize the information that I appreciate about the books they review. So, from now on I am going to give more practical information about the books I discuss (author, title, number of pages, genre, etc). I hope that helps when you are reading my reviews.

Here are some of the blogs that I read every day and I'll admit I do not read all the technology and gaming articles. I skim the headlines to see what applies to me, the library, and my interests. If you have blogs to suggest to me, let me know!
Book Reviews
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Book Blogger
Book Nerds
Book Scout
Book Smugglers
Books and Literature for Teens
Books on the Nightstand
Flip the Page
Guys Lit
Hey Lady!
J. Kaye
Librarian by Day
Librarian in Black
Story Siren
Striped Armchair
Sweet Bookshelf
YA Fabulous

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